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For exhibitors


COMFORT HOUSE: Climate Design gives an opportunity to offer your technologies, materials and services to consumer interested to decrease expenses for exploitation of the building.

The exhibition offers ready solutions and recommendations aimed at improvement of business.

COMFORT HOUSE: Climate Design - is a place where in the process of communication new plan of actions is formed which is ideal for decrease of expenses and saving the comfort.


COMFORT HOUSE: Climate Design pays special attention to the products itself and offers innovative solutions outlining the criteria of return on investment.


All decision-makers from investor to architect will see your products and discover optimal methods to increase energy saving and decrease energy consumption.

The exhibition favors obtaining new purchase orders.

COMFORT HOUSE: Climate Design - place of meeting of suppliers of materials and technologies, architects and projectors, investors and developers who choose architectural and technical solutions aimed at increasing quality and comfort of life and also energy saving.


Comfortable, high quality and ecology-friendly housing should not be expensive in use. The exhibition COMFORT HOUSE: Climate Design is a place of discovering new innovative products and creative potential, a place, where skills of architects and designers are transformed into new finished interior solutions.


Resources of kinetic energy of wind in the world, according to different estimations are by 75 times bigger than total amount of energy consumption of man! With usage of solar energy instead of traditional types of fuel, energy saving rate may be up to 75% (for hot water supply).

Using energy efficient materials and technologies in construction and establishing complex solutions on the projecting stage you get potential opportunity to save up 90% of energy during exploitation and it means considerable decrease of financial expenses!