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Workshop carried out by Italian architect Massimo Duroni at the building exhibition Comfort House

Мастер-класс Массимо Дурони в Киеве

With the support of the Italian partner Poli Design, a free workshop, carried out by a famous Italian architect Massimo Duroni, will take place at the International Building Exhibition COMFORT HOUSE: Climate Design. The event will take place at the exhibition on September 18.

During the workshop Massimo Duroni will reveal to the visitors the theme of eco-design and eco-construction.

The Italian architect will tell you how to save up to 20-30% of energy due to the unconventional use of traditional building materials, on the examples of his best works, that he has created during 20 years taking into consideration the requirements of the environment and the aspects of design perception.

Мастер-класс Массимо Дурони в Киеве

1) BigBang. River rock torn into pieces and placed in a glass plate, 2) XO.Tabouret with partitions made of different materials (steel, wood, glass, marble)

Мастер-класс Массимо Дурони в Киеве

Cubo. Lamp, presented at the Salone del mobile 2007,multicolored cubes connected by magnets that allows you to give the object a different form

Мастер-класс Массимо Дурони в Киеве

Pecore al potere. Puffs filled with wood shreddings and covered with plastic

Мастер-класс Массимо Дурони в Киеве

Matmatilda. Modular seating for public spaces, consists of eight pieces to form a circle or a sinewave

In addition, visitors will be able to see some examples of research that Massimo Duroni held in eco-architecture with the use of clay, straw and paper, and discuss the psychological aspects of the perception of light, color and space.

Massimo Duroni - a graduate of the Architecture Faculty of Politecnico di Milano, the founder of Blue Wall Design and co-founder of the studio of bioarhitekture ” Archimondo”. The subject of his research is the production of household items, using solar energy, and new ways of usage traditional materials in construction and manufacturing interior items. A constant member of the leading international exhibitions. Actively develops relations between the European Institute of Design IED and such famous companies as Philip Morris Design, Procter & Gamble, Ecodialogando, B-sign, Riva di Cantù, E. Levi, Cinova, Lega del Filo d'Oro, FAI, Associazione Donatella Gazzola, Comune di Alzate Brianza, Comune di Lissone, COMIECO, Comune di Carugate, MIA, Zoltan, Henkel.

In order to participate in the workshop, you must complete a simple registration.

Venue: International Building Exhibition COMFORT HOUSE Climate Design (Kiev, st. Salyutnaya 2b)

Time: September 18, 2013

Organizers: «Kyiv International Contract Fair», Poli Design