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Program of the conference “QUALITY.NOW.UA”

Moderator: Roman Vybranovskyi

10:30-11:00 Welcome coffee

11:00-11:15 Welcome speech

Lev Partskhaladze, Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine

11:15-11:30 Implementation of the Regulation of construction products  (EU) No 305/2011 – the experience of the Center for Testing and European Certification, Bulgaria

Blagovesta Shineva, the Center for Testing and European Certification, Bulgaria

11:30-11:45 International practice and legislation. How does it work in EU?

Dr. Bernhard Schneider, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, Germany

11:45-12:00 Implementation in European reality. What should we learn from them?

Adam Pinney, the European Builders Confederation, Belgium

12:00-12:15 Specific features of harmonization in Ukraine. What should the domestic market expect?

Questions to be raised:

  • What is the difference between our and European systems?
  • What are the prior steps to be made?
  • How much time will it take to prepare for the transition?
  • How does the market need to prepare?

Olena Shuliak, Head of Construction Sector, BRDO

12:15-12:30 Safety and quality of construction materials. How is it possible for the market not to lose trust?

Questions to be raised:

  • Is it necessary to have a register of manufacturers?
  • How to implement a register of guarantees?
  • How to implement declarations of conformity to the standard?
  • Explanations for the consumer. What does he want to hear?

Viacheslav Kolesnyk, Director of Ukrainian Steel Construction Center

12:30-13:15 (13:30) Discussion

Questions to be discussed:

  • Safety and quality, how to win back control?
  • Counterfeit and falsification, is it possible to neutralize?
  • Laboratories and modern research centres: will they be in Ukraine?

Key participants/speakers:

  1. Olha Riabova, Director of the Projection of Construction Objects, Technical Regulation and Scientific Development Department of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine;
  2. Pavlo Kachur, Head of the “Ukrcement” Association;
  3. Oleh Tsylvik, Head of the Consumers Union of Ukraine;
  4. Anatolii Berkuta, Vice President of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine;
  5. Representative of the Construction Chamber of Ukraine;
  6. Vitalii Hrusevych, Executive Director of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine;
  7. Serhii Panchenko, President of the Distributors of Building Materials Association of Ukraine;
  8. Anatolii Pushkar, President of the Association “Ukrelektrokabel”;
  9. Serhii Shevchenko, Director of the Department of Regulatory and Legal Support of State Architectural and Building Inspection of Ukraine;
  10. Oleksii Bubnov, Executive Director of the Association of Participants of Windows and Facades Market.

13:15-13:30 Summing up / presentation of works

13:30-14:00 Coffee, informal communication